Calgary Transit: Bus Route 93 Proposed Changes – UPDATE

On June 28, Calgary Transit placed notices at bus stops along Windermere Rd, 45 St and the west end of Spruce Dr to seek input on a proposed change to Route 93 which would remove the one way bus service on Windermere Road and replace this with two-way bus service on 45 Street SW. As of July 16, Calgary Transit had received 66 responses regarding the possible change. These responses were submitted via individual emails, input to Calgary’s 311 service and a petition signed by 27 residents. As of July 16, 80% of the respondents were opposed to the change. A summary of the comments received is provided below. We continue to receive comments and most are in opposition to the change.

Route 93 Change Proposal – Feedback as of July 16, 2013

For Route 93 Change

Against Route 93 Change

  • Windermere Road not suitable for buses
  • Two-way service on 45 Street is more efficient use of the roads
  • Low # of riders using bus on Windermere Road
  • Increased noise, traffic & unsafe conditions for bikes & pedestrians
  • Bus on Windermere Road intrusive in this neighbourhood
  • Frequency of bus has led to congestion & unsafe conditions
  • Like to see shuttle buses on Rte 93 to accommodate the smaller transit population in the community
  • Increased walking distance to stops (majority of the signed petition concerns)
  • Reduced service coverage to areas north of Spruce Drive
  • Difficult to access transit service, especially for seniors
  • Increased travel time
  • Increased traffic & congestion o n45 St. SW as there are already parking and school traffic issues
  • Increased traffic & noise on 45 St. SW
  • Concern with removal of bus route could also mean removal of snow removal on Windermere Road
  • Shifting problems from Windermere Road to residents living along 45 St. SW
  • There have always been buses on Windermere Road
  • Keep route and use shuttle buses
  • Removes access to Woodcliff United Church

Based on this feedback, Calgary Transit will not be making any changes to Route 93 that affect service on Windermere Road. We thank everyone for their input. Calgary Transit will replace the notices on the bus stops to communicate the outcome.

We understand that some residents would like Calgary Transit to examine other transit routing or bus service options for Wildwood. We would be happy to do so but we ask that such a request be communicated to us via the Wildwood Community Association.

In response to requests from several residents along Route 93, beginning on September 2, 2013, smaller community shuttle buses will be used on Route 93 on weekdays after 6 pm and all day on Saturdays and Sundays. This is the soonest that this change can be made. Please note that the use of community shuttle buses is dependent on the availability of these buses and continued lower ridership levels during these times.

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