Graffiti Vandalism Affects Communities

Graffiti vandalism is figures, letters, drawings or stickers applied, scribbled, scratched, etched, sprayed or attached on or to the surface of any premises, structure, or other property. It can be done by a variety of methods including spray paint, markers, etching and pens to name a few. Graffiti done without the owner’s permission is vandalism and is a crime carrying serious consequences. Most graffiti vandalism is not gang related, but if graffiti vandalism is left unchecked, other criminal activities may begin to start in the area as the perception of the community is that no one cares or is taking care of the area. Graffiti vandalism needs to be reported to 311. If graffiti vandalism is not removed quickly, this inaction may be interpreted as a sign of low neighborhood pride, and graffiti vandalism will spread to other buildings, streets and properties.

What to do:

  • Record the graffiti vandalism by taking a photograph (if possible) of the damage
  • Note the location
  • Report the graffiti by calling 311
  • Remove the graffiti if it is on your property or with permission of the property owner. The longer it is left for viewing the more likely other graffiti will appear in the area.

Please visit for more information on graffiti vandalism and how you can make a difference in your community to address graffiti vandalism.

Special thanks to the Calgary Police Service Graffiti Coordinator Constable Dave Ladic for this article.

A message from the Federation of Calgary Communities, Building Safe Communities Program. 

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