Licensing Cats and Dogs

Responsible pet owners contribute to healthy and safe communities by preventing their cat or dog from becoming a nuisance. The first step to contributing to safer pets and communities is to license your cat or dog.

  • The licence tag lets people know that the cat or dog they have found has an owner.
  • Licensing helps to protect your pet by providing Animal & Bylaw Services with the information required to reunite you with your pet if he gets lost.
  • With a licence, pets who get lost can be returned home sooner, limiting the potential nuisance to community members.
  • Licensing fees pay for all of our Animal Services operations, which includes officers driving lost pets straight home.
  • The fees also allow us to shelter, feed and protect other lost cats and dogs in our facility, keeping both the animals and citizens safe.

For information on more advantages of licensing, visit and search “Licensing a cat or dog.”

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