The Calgary Urban Harvest Project – Wildwood Fruit Pickers Needed!

Ever walk through your neighbourhood and see a fruit tree with lots of fruit lying on the ground around it? Calgary Harvest wants to see that fruit go to a good home! People with fruit trees who have more fruit than they need register their trees; then people who would like some of that fruit, or who just want an excuse to get out and meet other people in their community, go out and pick the fruit.

The fruit is divided up between the homeowner, the harvesters, and Calgary Harvest. Some of the Calgary Harvest portion goes to community organizations, and some goes to the Hillhurst-Sunnyside farmer’s
market where we accept donations for the fruit to help fund the program. Harvests are organized by coordinators based in your community or a neighbouring community.

Currently, over 800 homes have registered with the program and, unfortunately, we cannot take on anymore trees! We are now asking for harvesters. If you are interested in helping pick fruit in Wildwood, or other communities, please visit: This is a great opportunity to get involved in your community. Consider getting a group together to assist other members of your community association to pick some fruit. There may be an opportunity to make pies or jellies for a group of people in your community that would really appreciate it! Or maybe you know an organization in

your community that could use some free fruit this fall. Let us know about them by e-mailing us at: Happy harvesting!

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