WCA Board Meeting Highlights: Sep. 17, 2013

  • New Athletics Director: We warmly welcome Lisa Boldt – not only is she new to the Board, but new to Wildwood! We will hear more from Lisa as she settles into this new role.
  • Board Orientation Session: held Saturday, September 14th. Items from the Business Plan, developed in September 2012, were discussed. Almost all of the Director job descriptions were reviewed and completed, and some policies were discussed. Policies will be developed throughout the year and discussed at board meetings as the drafts are written.
  • Results of the Community Needs Survey: recently conducted via The Warbler, results were presented and discussed. Watch for an article outlining the results in an upcoming Warbler.
  • Facilities Projects:
    • Roof repair is nearing completion
    • Watershed project will take place to deal with the drainage problems around the hall
    • Quotations have been requested for asphalt work.
  • Calendar of Events: is being developed so community residents can check it out online or via The Warbler to see events are being planned in the community for the year.

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