Get to know the 7 Street SW Cycle Track

Education Day along the 7 Street SW Cycle Track (photo: City of Calgary)

Education Day along the 7 Street SW Cycle Track (photo: City of Calgary)

The 7 Street S.W. cycle track opened at the beginning of July and is getting well-used by all levels of cyclists. From youth to adults, couriers to commuters, even parents towing kids in bike trailers; Calgarians are bicycling in Calgary’s first downtown cycle track.

A cycle track is an enhanced bike lane that is protected by a physical barrier from moving cars, parked cars and sidewalks.

The City created a guide that explains the new features for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. The full guide can be found at:

The cycle track runs along the east side of 7 St. S.W. between the Bow River Pathway and 8 Ave. Bicyclists can travel both north and south along the cycle track, while 7 St. S.W. is now a one-way southbound street for cars, north of 4 Ave.

Green pavement along the route highlights
potential areas of conflict between motorists and bicyclists. It is typically installed at intersections, alleys and driveways. Be aware of others on the sidewalk, cycle track and roadway in these areas.

Bicyclists and motorists should use courtesy at intersections with stop signs. Come to a complete stop and yield to traffic that has arrived before you and traffic that has the right-of-way.


  • Motorists are not allowed to drive or park in the cycle track. In some cases, bicyclists may need to ride outside of the cycle track to prepare to turn or to access a building. It is legal for bicyclists to ride with traffic on this street.
  • Motorists have a new “no left on red” signal from 4 and 6 Avenue to reduce conflict because7 Street has two-way bike traffic.
  • At 5 Avenue S.W., a dedicated signal has been installed to remove conflicts between bicyclists and left turning motorists. Bicyclists exiting the cycle track to go eastbound need to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.
  • Bicyclists need to remember that although the cycle track provides increased protection, you still need to be alert and pay attention when riding, especially when crossing alleys, driveways and intersections.
  • Pedestrians should cross the street at signalized intersections. Walking along the cycle track is not allowed. If you need to cross the cycle track to access a parked vehicle, look both ways and yield to bike traffic.

Creating Connections

The City is actively planning a network of cycle tracks through Centre City to make bicycling a safer and more attractive transportation option, encouraging people who want to ride but have concerns about riding with traffic.
The next cycle track is scheduled to open in Summer 2014. Learn about the process of route selection and provide your input at

Riding Bicycles Through the Cold Season

Join thousands of Calgarians who ride their bicycle year-round. You don’t have to do it every day, but whenever you’d be comfortable walking, you can also be comfortable riding.
Even snow and sub-zero temperatures can be overcome. Proper clothing is important, and, depending on your level of comfort and commitment, you might consider adapting your bike for riding on snowy and icy roads and paths. To learn more about winter cycling in Calgary, visit:

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