Wildwood Community Needs Survey Results

The Community Needs Survey was published in the March and April 2013 Warblers with an on-line version available. We only had 58 responses, which is a little disappointing since we offered two $50 gift certificates. Congratulations to Cheryl and Barb! Of the 58 responses, 28 were paper copies and 30 were on-line.


Overall, responses were very positive about the programs the Community Association is providing. When asked for comments or suggestions about the community association 22 out of 36 comments (60%) were supportive and offered thanks such as “Big kudos to the Comm. Assoc. for a job well done.” For the Suggestions for Improvements question, it was hard to find big issues, but better communication via the website and more advanced notice of events were mentioned more than once and are items that we are working on. As to additional programs: more for seniors and teens were mentioned as general comments, while art, dance and Pilates classes were the top specific classes mentioned.

Survey Results

Do you currently attend any WCA programs?

74% of respondents had attended programs offered and the popularity order is: Garden (21 mentions), Clean-Up (20), Children’s Christmas Party (19), Children’s Halloween Party (17), Pub Nights and Family Skating (16), Soccer and Yoga (15), Playgroup (14), Tennis and Children’s Easter Party (12).

What do you like about the program(s)? What could we improve upon?

Many responses mentioned meeting neighbours, proximity, affordability, good programs and well-run. Improvement suggestions included more for seniors, more for teens, daytime programs and more for adults (Zumba).

What prevents you from participating in programs? What could increase the likelihood of your participation?

Many people mentioned their own busy schedules, being seniors and being unaware of the programs.

Do you attend other recreation activities outside of the community?

The list of activities that people do elsewhere was quite predictable: Swimming, Gym (Killarney Pool in particular), Spa Lady, Running clubs, Cycling clubs, Rangers and Art Classes.

Which programs not currently offered in the community would be of interest to you?

Programs that people would like to see in Wildwood are: Art classes (19 mentions), Dance (18), Pilates (15), and Adult only (15). Comments also indicated those already mentioned with Music and Zumba being notable additions. The range of programs mentioned was large, from model aircraft building to wine tasting to bridge.

Other Comments and Suggestions

The comments and suggestions were very positive about our current programs. Communication, other than the Warbler, was mentioned. Traffic concerns, such as speeding and bike lanes were issues mentioned more than once.


  • Communication: We are re-designing our website and will try to keep it up-to-date.
  • Adding the Suggested New Programs: We find that the best way to start, bring in, or improve a program is to find an enthusiastic volunteer who will run the program. So, if you are keen on Art, Dance, Pilates or anything else, please send an e-mail to VP@mywildwood.ca and we will provide assistance to add new programs.

Please remember, we are a volunteer-run organization and always need volunteers to help run and improve our programs. In addition to accepting volunteers to help us run great programs, we welcome your feedback and suggestions at any time! Please email: info@mywildwood.ca

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