Working Behind the Scenes in Wildwood

Great work on the new stump sign Carolyn! (photo: Anna Lee-Carswell)

Great work on the new stump sign Carolyn! (photo: Anna Lee-Carswell)

One of the great things about this editor job is being one of the first to know (for once) about the interesting and fun happenings in Wildwood. I’ve also received numerous articles from various WCA Board members thanking volunteers and participants of the many Wildwood community events and programs. But it occurred to me, “Is anyone thanking the thankers?” I hope so!

WCA Board members are dedicated volunteers who work behind-the- scenes to get many jobs done. Their tasks may be big or small, and are often unglamorous; but always accomplished with the aim of making Wildwood a better neighbourhood. They don’t expect accolades – they’re happy knowing they’ve contributed to our community.

Without these fantastic volunteers, we wouldn’t have the many great events and programs within a few minutes’ walk from our homes. Without their commitment, Wildwood would not be the vibrant community that we all love.

So, a BIG thank you to the WCA Board volunteers! Let them know how much you’ve enjoyed an event or program. Better yet, ease their workload by asking them how you can help!

Anna Lee-Carswell, Wildwood Warbler Editor

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