Calgary Police Service Christmas Message

Car thieves like holiday shopping too.

To help prevent car prowlings during this holiday season, the Calgary Police Service is reminding the public to keep purchases and other goods out of sight in their vehicles, giving thieves less of a reason to break in.

The impact of this type of crime includes possible damage to property, loss of items with monetary or sentimental value, as well as psychological effects such as victims feeling unsafe and insecure in their community.

Common items stolen from vehicles are laptops, radar detectors, shopping bags, purses, compact discs, stereos, iPods, tools, personal documents and loose change.

Preventing and investigating thefts from vehicles, as well as vehicle vandalism is a priority for the Calgary Police Service, and not just during the holiday season. Car prowling is typically a crime of opportunity and it’s important for Calgarians to take a few simple steps to take away that opportunity.

The CPS reminds Calgarians to make your vehicle and property less attractive to thieves by:

  • Keeping the vehicle doors and windows locked
  • Removing or hiding valuable items, including change, from the vehicle
  • Securing your vehicle in an area such as a garage or well lit, well-travelled area
  • Taking extra keys out of your vehicle
  • Taking garage door openers out of your vehicle, as criminals can use it to gain access to your home.

It’s also important to be a good neighbour – record any details you can about suspicious persons or vehicles, and call police immediately at 403-266-1234. Call 911 for a crime in progress. If you see vehicles with open doors, broken windows, or a neighbour’s car with the trunk left open, give them a quick call to let them know.

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