WCA Board Meeting Highlights Nov 19, 2013

  • We welcome Tracy Smith to the WCA Board! Tracy is our new Director, Community Programs. Thanks to Tracy for taking on this new role. All WCA Board positions are now filled!
  • Policy Review: Memberships and Events policies were reviewed. These policies are part of the Business Plan (the goal is to have all policies in place prior to the 2014 AGM). The policies will help us make consistent and clear decisions and will help new directors in their roles.
  • Communicating with Residents: We are exploring ways of better communicating with residents – not just information to you, but also making it easier to hear back from you. Our Webmaster, Warren, is taking the lead along with Robyn (President).
  • Hall Rentals: Our Community Hall continues to be a busy and popular place as the holiday season approaches. Jaye, Facility Rentals Director has received cards from renters who love the hall – how nice to hear!
  • Thanks to the Power Walkers for organizing the event in support of the Upper Douglas Fir Trail. That trail, and Edworthy Park, are of such a huge benefit to Wildwood that it’s good to see so many people interested in its restoration.

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