WCA Board Meeting Highlights – Jan 21, 2014

  • Evan Woolley, our new Councillor, attended the meeting. WCA president, Robyn met with him in advance to discuss some items that concern the community.
  • Business Plan: Things are progressing and a schedule is now drawn up to review the remaining policies at meetings over the next few months. The action items have mostly been completed!
  • Zamboni Repair: The Zamboni was repaired at a cost of about $1500 and continues to keep the ice in great shape. The Board also approved some money so that the rink fence can be repaired. Replacing it will be a much more expensive project so we will look some grant money to help with the cost.
  • New Program Help Needed: In the needs survey completed last year, art, dance and Pilates programs were all mentioned as great programs to have in the community. But we need volunteers to help organize them, find an instructor or otherwise get this started. That seems to be how things get going in Wildwood! See p. 24 for more information.
  • Program Registration and Volunteer Coordination: Board members are looking at a system developed in another community that helps with memberships, sports and program registration and volunteer sign up. A decision will be made in the next couple of weeks and (if appropriate for Wildwood) implemented over the next year. Stay tuned!
  • Operating Budget: Developed for 2014-15 and approved at this meeting. This allows our directors to identify the programs, events and services to be offered, determine the cost and then implement without having to go back to the Board each time. Plus, it provides a planning tool for the year ahead – to make sure we are living within our means – and some clarity regarding where the money is going.
  • Annual General Meeting: Scheduled for Tuesday, April 29th. Currently, the following positions are/will be available: Treasurer, Volunteer Director and Communications Director.

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