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On Monday, April 14th the Wildwood Community Garden is pleased to host a group of University of Calgary students for a day of service. Every year, U of C students celebrate the end of the school year with Bermuda Shorts Day (BSD), highlighted with beer gardens and bands. However, for the second year in a row, the Centre for Community-Engaged Learning (CCEL) is offering ucalgarycares BSD, a chance for 100+ students to spend their last day giving back to their community. The Wildwood Community Garden will host 10-15 students from a variety of faculties and academic programs and provide them with the opportunity to learn about permaculture, local food production, and community development. The ucalgarycares programs are a wonderful opportunity for students to engage with communities beyond the classroom and move from basic volunteerism and understanding of a social issue, towards civic engagement, and justice-oriented action. The Wildwood Community Garden is excited to be involved with the ucalgarycares program and engage students in our beautiful space!

On Sat, April 26th and Sun, April 27th from 9am – 3pm, the Community Service Workers will return to the garden to help dig an additional swale and amend some garden beds for community gardeners, the Mustard Seed garden bed, and the Children’s Gardening Program! Volunteers are welcome to get involved and have some fun! If the weather does not cooperate that weekend, then we will try for the next weekend, May 3rd and 4th.

When the weather warms and you are splitting some of your perennials, consider sharing some with the community garden. We would like to add some colour in a perennial garden around the community sign along Spruce Drive! Please contact us at

Thank you very much!

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