WCA Board Meeting Highlights March 18, 2014

  • Upcoming Events:
    • Volunteer Appreciation Event: will be held at the end of April. Invitations are currently being sent out.
    • Family Picnic: will be held in June down at the lower Edworthy Park like last year.
    • Stampede Breakfast: will be held in Wildwood this year as there will not be one in Spruce Cliff.
  • Grant Application: The Board approved an application for a City grant to re-pave the parking lot, re-do the chain link fence around the hockey rink, and insulation in the attic of the Community Halls.
  • Hall Usage Reminder: If you use the Hall for meetings, please ensure that you clean up after yourselves, especially doing the dishes.
  • Memberships and Program Online Registrations: The new system has been activated and is being tested thoroughly before making it widely available. All current 225 (2014) memberships are in there and the Tennis program registrations are being added. The payment system is the next important part to add. Memberships will still be sold at community events and the annual membership drive will be held in May and June. Watch the Warbler for details.

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