The Wildwood Water Spiral: A Kinetic Community Art Sculpture for Wildwood

Water Sculpture

What is this?

A functional, playful sculpture created with materials reclaimed from the Wildwood Cleanup to capture rainwater and engage community residents. Water will be diverted to an underground reservoir, to be oxygenated in a spiraling motion via the propeller that is activated by the wind or manual wheel. This reservoir will be etched with the best intentions and wishes of the residents of Wildwood, as a symbolic gesture to the water and buried underground, much like a time capsule. The revitalized water can then be drawn up with a hand pump for use in washing or watering in the garden. The wind turbine and wood mosaic platform mimic the spiral motion of the water and refer to this recognizable symbol in nature, creating an activated gathering place for residents.

Proposed Site

Just outside of the north wall of the Community Hall (Main Hall). The WCA Board will have final approval of the design and location prior to installation.


The City of Calgary is encouraging and supporting public art projects that specifically have a community development component. This project uniquely unites art, environmental issues, and community engagement. Abundant raw materials can be diverted from the landfill and recreated into a useful, functional, art piece to be a focal point for our community.

Who Is Involved?

Michelena Bamford, Project Manager; Lane Shordee, Lead Artist; Dawn Ford, City of Calgary Public Art; Carmen Kubrak, NORR architecture; Maggie Thi, Ward 8 Community Liaison; Robyn Birdsell, Wildwood Community Association (WCA)


We have some exceptional initial financial support to proceed with this project, including a donation from the WCA. We are thrilled to announce that we are one of only five winners of a Soul of the City Neighbour Grant, through Calgary Economic Development. The Wildwood Water Spiral will also be included in a special documentary film on community-based art. This is an exceptional opportunity to feature our amazing community and permaculture garden. Other opportunities, such as a Community Initiatives grant through Ward 8 are pending, and we are also seeking private donors to ensure the best success of this project. If you have any suggestions for funding opportunities or if you, or your company, would like to support this innovative project, please contact Michelena at 403-690-4877.


Resident engagement is vital for this project and we would love to have you participate in the creative process as listed below:

Event/Date What
Gather Materials Sat, May 24 Team of Water Spiral volunteers will gather and sort materials coming in from the Community Clean Up. We need a team of 6-10 adult volunteers to help us gather and organize materials at the Wildwood Cleanup.
Sculpture Creation Sun, May 25 – Sat, Jun 14 Lead artist, Lane Shordee, is building the sculpture on-site in a temporary studio space on the Community Hall grounds. Lane will be busy daily in the on- site studio, so please come by to observe and engage in the process (feel free to bring him some beautiful, vegan snacks and refreshments as he becomes an adopted Wildwood resident for the duration of the project!).
Community Workshop Sun, Jun 7 Create recycled sculptures or vessels for the project! We need your registration to plan for this dynamic day, as well as extra helpers to make sure all goes smoothly.
June/July Installation
Sat, Sep 27 Wildwood Community Garden Harvest Celebration

Please contact Michelena at to become part of this incredible experience in any capacity or if you have any further questions.

We also invite you to follow the Wildwood Water Spiral at and on Facebook at for all our progress and further details.

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