University of Calgary Students Day of Service – Tues, April 15th

A big thanks to the University of Calgary students who volunteered time in our community garden (rather than in the beer garden!). 10-15 students were guided through a sheet mulch project and lessons in permaculture with Chrissy Begus (Calgary Zoo, Puzzle Permaculture) and Audrey Smith (Parkdale Community Garden). Students and community residents began work on the front garden bed (surrounding the stump sign) by sheet mulching (aka ‘lasagna gardening’). This process was work intensive, layering wet newspaper (thanks to many community members, Kidzone and Wildwood Playschool!), organic straw (from Blue Mtn. Biodynamic Farms), compost (borrowed from Wildwood Elementary School!), coffee grounds from local coffee shops, and leaves from the fall and spring clean ups. Finally, a load of wood mulch (donated by Tree Frog Tree Care) topped off the sheet mulch/lasagna garden on Wednesday. These layers will decompose and will create lovely rich soil for the new perennials to be planted soon. We hope to create a colourful butterfly/pollinator garden in the naturalized section of the
Wildwood Community Calendar garden, for a welcoming entry to the community hall and garden.

Thank you to all you contributed time, effort and materials to make this project a success!

Watch the Global Calgary News clip titled ‘Garden Help’ at:

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