WCA Board Meeting Highlights April 15, 2014

  • Traffic Committee: There is a meeting planned with Councillor Woolley to review traffic concerns and possible solutions. In the meantime, Wildwood has qualified for a Community Traffic Study that will focus on speeding along 45th Street.
  • New Membership System Testing: Gordon, with help and support from Clive and Alison, has the newly-purchased membership system up and ready. There are just a few more tests involved to ensure that payment is received correctly into the WCA bank accounts and we’ll be ready to roll! Stay tuned for how you can purchase a membership and register in programs using this new on-line system.
  • Public Art Submission: Presentation from local artists Michelena and Lane, who are proposing a very cool sculpture for the Community Garden, using some of the items scavenged from the Wildwood Clean-up. There are details yet to be worked out, but watch for activity in the Garden this summer. Stop by to find out what’s happening and chat with the artists and other on-site workers.
  • Community Garden: We have 17 gardeners this summer who will be using the garden to grow their own vegetables. And, did you catch the April 14th Global TV news story highlighting our Community Garden and the University of Calgary students who helped with spring cleaning?
  • Upcoming Spring/Summer Events: On May 24th the ever- popular Wildwood Clean-up, on its own it’s worth the price of a membership! The Wildwood Family Picnic on June 7th at Edworthy Park. A Stampede Breakfast on July 12th. Keep reading the Warbler for details.
  • Wildwood Community Association AGM: The AGM will be held on Tuesday, April 29th at 7:30. Hope to see you there! The next Warbler will have updates from the AGM, so you can see what your Community Association has been up to and what you can do to help this a great community.

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