Help Keep Wheeled Youth Safe on Our Streets

It’s biking, scooter-ing and skateboarding weather! Here are some tips to help everyone stay safe this summer:

  • Ensure supervised riding. Children under age nine should cycle with responsible adults. Most children in that age group do not have the skills to cycle safely without supervision.
  • Wear a helmet. Seventy-five per cent of all cyclist deaths involve head injuries. It is critical to wear an approved cycling helmet. Parents should set a good example by wearing bike helmets.
  • Know the dangers of the driveway (and alley). Children should know driveways and alleys are dangerous intersections that can pose a safety risk.
  • For young cyclists, sidewalks may be the best place to cycle. Children younger than 14-years-old may ride bicycles on the sidewalk. Help them stay safe by stopping at driveways, even when they ride on the sidewalk. Skateboards or in-line skates are permitted on most City sidewalks or boulevards (unless otherwise posted). Just watch out for pedestrians (they have right-of-way) and other potential obstacles.
  • Learn the rules of the road. Children need to know the rules of the road and what traffic signs mean before they are allowed to ride by themselves.
  • Enter traffic cautiously. Children should always stop before entering the road, and scan by looking left, ahead, right and then left again. Always ride in the same direction as traffic, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Cross at pedestrian crosswalks and traffic lights. Help children understand when it’s safe to cross the road (and railway tracks!). Dismount and walk across with your bike/scooter/skateboard.
  • Turn safely. Children should never make a turn without looking behind them. Teach them to make a shoulder check before they signal or turn. If there is traffic, a child should stop by the side of the road and wait for a gap before turning.
  • Use the cycle lane on Spruce Drive – Only buses and turning vehicles can enter this lane, so this is a great option for biking through Wildwood. Use caution turning from the cycle lane and always signal your intent to turn. Watch for vehicles turning, as they may not see you approaching. A request to repaint the cycle lane has been made, which will help make cyclists more visible.

Source: City of Calgary and Safe Kids Canada

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