Thanks and Welcome!

Spring has finally arrived – I love this time of renewal! How fitting that we announce new faces and exciting happenings around Wildwood. On p. 4, Robyn (WCA Board President) highlights news from the AGM – you’ll also note some new names on the list of board members. There are new WCA programs and initiatives, a community art project, many City and other community group happenings in and around Wildwood that may be of interest to you.

As the Editor, I enjoy finding out about all of the great things happening in our neighbourhood. We have an active community because neighbours volunteer their time, enthusiasm and energy to making fun, helpful, convenient and community-building programs and events happen. Even better, I‘ve had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know some of these amazing people!

THANK YOU GAIL LAMB! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Gail Lamb, who was the Advertising Coordinator for most of the past year. It was lovely to work with you. Gail has decided to really enjoy retirement and travel as freely as her whim dictates!

WELCOME TILLY PATEL! I’d also like to welcome Tilly Patel, who has kindly stepped into the Advertising Coordinator role. Tilly has been a Wildwoodian since 1993! Tilly decided to give a helping hand when she saw the ad in the Warbler – Tilly wanted to make a difference and saw an opportunity to solve a community need. We’re grateful and look forward to working with you, thanks so much for volunteering!

There’s no shortage of things to get involved in – there is, however, a shortage of people to help make things happen through our Wildwood Community Association. Take a look through this issue and see if there is anything you could help out with – a program, event or the WCA Board. Maybe you’d like to help out with the Warbler? Maybe you’re new to the neighbourhood and want to meet some neighbours? We all benefit from any help and support you can provide!

Anna Lee-Carswell, Wildwood Warbler Editor

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