Water Spiral – An interactive sculpture made using recycled materials

The Water Spiral Sculpture Project is underway! Materials were reclaimed and sorted at the Wildwood Cleanup with Clive’s amazing team of volunteers, which will be used as components and the deck area of the functional sculpture. You may have noticed a couple of bright yellow storage pods sharing space with the tennis practice wall – we are using these to store the gathered materials. A big thank you to Alison Christensen and the Wildwood tennis enthusiasts for being so accommodating over the next few weeks. Thanks to Justin from Calgary’s Pak-n-Stor, who gave us one month and delivery for free!

You might also notice a vintage Lindy Sportsman RV on the community grounds – this is the temporary project office and home base for lead artist, Lane Shordee, over the next few weeks. Please come by, say hello and feel free to bring Lane vegan snacks or drinks as he truly immerses himself in our community and this project!

Check out our website and Facebook page and please contact Michelena at 403-690-4877 or micbam@icloud.com to confirm
participation, ask any questions, or contribute to the project! We are still sourcing funding and have some great sponsorship opportunities for local business and residents to get involved!


Free Community Workshop
Saturday June 7 from 11 am to 3 pm

Our artist team will guide participants of all ages to create their own recycled sculptural art work! We’ll have tons of fun making vessels and watering cans that will be used with the Water Spiral and its hand pump when installed.

If you are curious about sculpture, recycling, design, building, eco-friendly art, or just hanging out with artists or neighbours, please come by! Michelena will also be collecting the written wishes and intentions for the community water cistern that will be embedded underground, forever spreading the love into our rain-harvested water and earth!

Don’t miss the opportunity to contribute to this monumental community event and share in the special prizes, t-shirts, and festive healthy treats. The film crew at Fresh Water Creative, our Alderman Evan Woolley, and other media and guests will also be present for this fabulous spring event!

Please note this event is timed to be a pre-party offering for those heading to the Wildwood Family BBQ happening from 3 – 8pm (see p.13 for more details). So bring the kids, grandma, neighbours, and get creative with us and then head down to Edworthy Park to continue the family fun!

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