WCA Annual General Meeting – A Year In Review

  • WCA President Robyn Birdsell, presented a very long list of events, parties and programs that took place in the community over the past year involving hundreds of community and non-community members.
  • The Hall was booked continually and the Community Garden continues to thrive and attracts many residents. There were 507 memberships sold last year accounting for about 40% of Wildwood residents, well over the Calgary average of 15% of residents holding a community membership.
  • The Community Needs Assessment was conducted to test the programs in place and to find out what interests residents. Before more programs are implemented, a coordinator is required to champion additional programming.
  • On the financial side, WCA is a strong organization that has generated a surplus over the past few years and is building cash reserves. Our primary revenue source is the regular casino operated every 18 months. We implemented a budgeting process last year, which continued this year. It is prudent to implement this step while in a financially healthy position. Most of the programs we run are revenue generators or revenue neutral.
  • About $130,000 was received in grant funding this year, thanks in large part to the work of Wil Watson.
  • The financial statements were audited by an approved auditor from the Federation of Calgary Communities and were approved and presented at the AGM.

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