WCA Annual General Meeting – April 29, 2014 ~Highlights~

27 people attended this year’s AGM, including Evan Woolley our City Councillor and Christine Cusanelli, our MLA. Both have attended other Wildwood events and stayed after the meeting to chat with attendees.

Wildwood is a busy and active community! We reviewed our many activities from the past year (sidebar at right) and elected a new Board of Directors to guide the Community Association for the next year (See a list of Board Members).

We now have a new Treasurer, Lynn Brown who is taking over from Gord Allen. Thank you Gord for the fantastic job you did on the board for the last three years!

Many of our previous Board members are continuing with the WCA Board of Directors, and I appreciate their commitment to making Wildwood a great place to live.

We still have a few positions open, which we would like to fill before the summer:

  • Communications: The Communications Director will oversee all means of communications that the WCA has with Wildwood residents, including the Warbler, the website (mywildwood.ca) and the community sign. We have great people in place who are looking after each of these areas and the Director’s role is to coordinate information to ensure that things are running smoothly.
  • Membership: We are implementing an automated, online membership system; the Membership Director will be responsible for maintaining the membership database and working on ways to connect with more of our residents. Over 40% of Wildwood residents have WCA Memberships – the City average for community association memberships is only 15%, so we are doing well with our memberships and we want to keep up this momentum.
  • Volunteers: Volunteers are critical to the success of our community programs and the Volunteer Coordinator will connect volunteers with their desired area of commitment. Using the new online membership system, it will be very easy to collect volunteer information and communicate with volunteers for various events.

If you would like more information on any of these positions, please contact Robyn at president@mywildwood.ca.

Thank you so much to our loyal Board members for their contributions over the last year or many years. Wildwood Community Association is in great shape because of our volunteers, but we always welcome new members to participate in any way you feel you can.

Robyn Birdsell, President

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