WCA Board Meeting Highlights – May 20, 2014

  • Little Free Library: Will be built, decorated, and installed in the Community Garden – feel free to leave a book and borrow a book while enjoying this great outdoor space. Thanks to Miller Gee, the Laberge Family and children of the neighborhood for making this happen!
  • 2014 Wildwood Traffic Study: Staci, (Community Advocacy Director) presented and provided details of the results of the study and possible solutions. This will be discussed with our councillor, Evan Woolley and with the appropriate departments at the City.
  • Volunteer Appreciation Event: Held in April, was very successful with 82 people attending.
  • Wildwood Family Picnic is going ahead on June 7th from 3 – 7pm at Edworthy Park.
  • Stampede Breakfast: Will be held Saturday, July 12 from 8:30-11am at the Community Hall parking lot and green space. Volunteers needed!
  • Hall Maintenance: Painting of the trim on the Community Hall will commence May 26th.
  • Community Garden: The Community Garden received a $10,000 grant from TD Friends of the Environment. The money will be used for the Children’s Gardening Program and educational signage around the Garden. Grade 6 students at Wildwood School will be planting apple trees as part of their “graduation event.”
  • Water Spiral Art: Work will begin on the art sculpture in the Community Garden starting with collection of materials at the Wildwood Clean-up on May 24th. Stop by the garden to see the artist at work building this interesting and exciting piece of public art.
  • Affordable Housing Project Proposal: The Development Committee met with the Office of Land Servicing and Housing regarding the possibility of an affordable housing project in the community. An open house will be held on June 18th. Please plan to attend.

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