WANTED: Wildwood Warbler Editor(s)

The Wildwood Warbler was my first introduction to the neighbourhood when we
moved here in 2009 – how exciting to discover the many programs and activities happening down the street from us, and surprising to see how many neighbours volunteered to make Wildwood a truly special place. I started volunteering as Wildwood Warbler Editor early last year, and it has been great fun for me. It’s been a great opportunity to meet some amazing neighbours, find out about what was happening in the community, and to keep my “adult brain” engaged while I was home with the kids!

But now that I’m back at work full-time and trying to keep on top of life with two little ones, I can’t spend as much time on the Warbler and things are falling through the cracks… HELP!

We already have an Advertising Coordinator, Tilly, who deals with the advertisers and payments, which is a big load off the Editor’s shoulders. Clive takes care of the delivery side of things. Warren posts the Warbler and content to the website. WCA Board Directors and Coordinators send in content and photos. It really takes a small village to get this Warbler to you 10 times per year!

If you enjoy reading the Warbler, and can contribute time to our
wonderful Wildwood community, please email me at: warbler@mywildwood.ca to volunteer to keep this newsletter going. I will be here to transition the Warbler to the new Editor(s) and help out in whatever way I can!

~ Anna Lee-Carswell

P.S. – A BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE ON THE WCA BOARD for being so supportive and helping me out over the past year and a half! An extra special thanks to Heather Albers (former Editor and Communications Director), who helped transition between Editors and Advertising Coordinators!), and Marni Lingard (currently Community Events Director), who has always sent me (or nudged others to send me) content and photos for each Warbler!


Ideally, we’re looking for someone to jump right in and take on the Editor position, but there could be opportunities to focus on different aspects of getting the Warbler together:

  • Graphic design/layout
  • Content planning (liaising with the WCA Board, collecting articles, stories, research)
  • Editing/writing

Perhaps you’d like to focus on one (or more) area(s)? Maybe you’d like to help out with getting an entire Warbler together every second month (or all of the months!)? The more the merrier!
Email: warbler@mywildwood.ca for more information and to volunteer!

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