Water Spiral Washout!

A kind neighbor paraphrased this quote for me on Saturday and it meant the world after I felt my risk in creating the Water Spiral may not be so worth it after all! As we were digging our culvert hole for the Water Spiral on Friday, June 20th (the anniversary of the Calgary flood), we hit the water main and had a flood of our own!

“Didn’t you call Alberta One Call?” is the other comment I am getting over and over these days! The answer is “Yes!” Two locates did come out before we broke ground and I will be posting information in a future Warbler about my learning experience so that you, too, will know that sometimes One Call is actually Two!

Thankfully, quick thinking and great helpers adeptly directed the water toward Spruce Drive, but it was a pretty devastating day that required multiple sump pumps and City Water Services visits, and also happened to be caught on time lapse video for the Soul of the City documentary!

By 11pm that night, the last City crew left and I had seen the incredible true colours, not only of an epic prairie thunderstorm, sunset, and double rainbow, but those of my caring and hard-working neighbours.

The situation only looked more bleak the next day. That is, until one of our dearest neighbours and friends, Bernie Burchill of Contour Excavating came out to assess things. Three phone calls and about four hours later, water to the Hall was restored and our project was getting back on track! If there was a living angel here on earth, I can tell you his residence is on Windermere Road! The Burchill’s, our WCA President, Facilities Manager, Hall Rentals, Playschool, After-School Care, Community Garden, and everyone else involved in the area and problem were nothing but calm, accommodating and supportive throughout this traumatic turn of events for Lane and I.

THANKS will never be enough.

Water Spiral Community Workshop

Aside from the water main mishap, the Water Spiral has been on a timely and smooth track. Our Community Workshop, held in June, was a great success. About 50 folks, ages 4 to 64, stopped by throughout the afternoon, including Councillor Evan Woolley, and award-winning writer Jenna Swift, who helped gather the wishes for our water.

Thanks for All the Support!

There are so, so many people I want to thank for their support and encouragement so far – I just can’t fit it all in the update right now! Please know recognition and a huge thank-you party are on the agenda!

And finally, to be working with an outsider to the community on this project has been an affirmation of the generosity and eminence that is Wildwood. Lane has shared with me, many times, how impressed and touched he is by the gestures of this community. We are so grateful to be supported in taking this risk and in contributing to the greatness that is Wildwood.
Please continue to follow along at www.facebook.com/waterspiralWCA

~Michelena Bamford

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