A Very ‘Green’ Stampede Breakfast

The WCA held its first Stampede breakfast, in many, many years, this past July 12th. Over 500 people came out to enjoy great food and fantastic live music from the Calgary Fiddlers and The Hot Timalis. This event was also supported by Green Calgary, as we made a conscious effort to leave a small footprint on our environment by contributing very little to the landfill.

Reducing Our Environmental Footprint!

Over half of the potential waste created from the Breakfast was prevented from being produced in the first place through planning ahead and using reusable foodware instead of disposable (either compostable or otherwise). In order to quantify the reduction, weights of similar compostable products used at events like Wildwood’s Stampede Breakfast were collected and analyzed to assess how much waste was prevented through choosing reusable foodware.

  • 28.1 kg organic material was diverted and sent to compost
  • 3.8 kg of materials were mixed recycling
  • 2.4 kg of materials were refundable beverage containers
  • 3.4 kg of materials produced from the event were sent to landfill

Only 4% of the waste that could have been created by this event went to the landfill.

However, if only the actual waste that was produced at this event was considered, still only an impressive 9% of waste was sent to landfill. (Extracts from Green Calgary’s Wildwood Stampede Breakfast Green Report 2014)

So Many Thank You’s!

A hearty thank you goes out to the following for making our breakfast such a big success:

  • Our 48 fantastic and tireless volunteers – what a fun time we all had together!
  • The Rockport Hutterite Colony’s ‘Coyote Pancake Mix’ for donating all our pancake mix
  • Trevor Foraie and Century 21 for the use of the big tent
  • Carole Fjelstad and Paolini’s Sausage and Meat Ltd.
  • Green Calgary’s donation of the repurposed cutlery to top off our own supply
  • Everyone who brought their own reusable plates and cutlery – you helped prevent more garbage from being sent to the landfill, and made it easier for the volunteers to clean up afterwards!

Our photographer, Richard Cairn, has created a memorable photo journal of the event. Check it out at: youtu.be/wMpOtpTQEH8

See y’all next year!

~ Marni Lingard and Joanne Birce, Community Events Directors

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