FOUND: Wildwood Warbler Editor

It is with mixed feelings that I announce that this is my last issue as Wildwood Warbler Editor. I’ve had a great time over the past year and a half working on the Warbler, but it has become difficult for me to continue to devote the time and effort required to put it together almost every month. Thankfully, someone came forward almost right away to help!

It’s my pleasure to introduce Suzanne Foraie, who has kindly volunteered to take over the Editor duties, starting in September (October issue)! Suzanne, a Vancouver native, has been in Calgary since 2003, but recently relocated to Wildwood in November 2013 (along with her husband and five-year old daughter). On Wildwood, Suzanne said, “We were drawn to the neighbourhood because of the close proximity to great outdoor recreation as well as the mature trees, which give the neighbourhood a very established feel, right in the heart of the city. We have already taken part in some of the great community activities that Wildwood has to offer and I have been inspired to help out so we can continue to keep the neighbourhood running at the great level it is at.

Other interesting tidbits about Suzanne: she enjoys running, biking, hiking, snowboarding and skiing. She is also a commercial airline pilot! Years ago, when completing her pilot training in BC, Suzanne got the opportunity to fly astronaut Chris Hadfield to Vancouver in a small four-seater Cessna. Upon arrival, the red carpet was rolled right out to the plane for them!

Tilly Patel will continue as the Advertising Coordinator – thanks for all your work and patience over the past few months Tilly!

I’ll continue to volunteer for events or programs as I find the time, so you’ll see me around the neighbourhood. I encourage every Wildwoodian, who hasn’t already done so, to find some time to help the WCA upcoming this year – either at a program, event or Board meetings – every little bit helps!

Thanks again to Suzanne for volunteering, and to the many wonderful people who contribute to the Wildwood Warbler every month – you’re all amazing!

~ Anna Lee-Carswell

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