Little Free Library – UPDATE

The Wildwood Community Gardeners are adding another feature to the already exciting space beside the Wildwood Community Hall. It is a “Little Free Library.”

Miller Gee and some of his neighbourhood buddies had a great time working on the Little Free Library at Wolf Willow Studio this past month, where they were able to use up leftover materials from the Water Spiral project. The boys sorted and planned how to lay out the interesting items to create a fabulous mosaic of hardware, wood lattice, hockey blades and more. Michelena was not only impressed with their enthusiasm, but aptitude for power tools and construction! Some final touches will prep it for permanent outdoor installation in the Community Garden area mid-September so we can all start to enjoy the great book selection Pamela Gee has been gathering all summer!

What is a Little Free Library? It is a neighbourhood book exchange, a place to meet, a way to share common interests and share the joy of reading.

Take a Book, Return a Book – that’s the Little Free Library motto. Do not feel shy about taking a book. That is what they are there for. You do not have to leave a book in order to borrow a book. You can just bring the same one back when you are done reading it. Or if you get excited about the book you have borrowed and want to share it with a friend, then please, pass it on.

Thanks for supporting this new little community adventure. Please watch for the Little Free Library coming soon to the Wildwood Community Garden!

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