Thank You’s, Welcomes and Farewells

Thanks to Our Sponsors!

Firstly, a big thank-you goes out to our sponsors this year: Bow Cycle and Sport (Kurt Christensen) $750.00, Sierra Dental (Murray Knebel) $250.00, Jill Rutherford $250.00, and Birchwood Properties (Steve
Joseph) $250.00. These sponsorships helped purchase new equipment, support marketing efforts and sponsor some children from Westgate Elementary, St. Michael’s Elementary and Wildwood Elementary.

Thank You Tennis Committee!

Another big thank you needs to go to our Tennis Committee: Dave McCutcheon, Todd Kemp, Nicolle Kalivoda, Feli Polsterer, Nina Joseph, Jill Rutherford and Sharmaine Prince (Tennis Keys). These people were instrumental in the sponsorship, equipment research and purchasing, marketing, tennis court maintenance and rainout co-ordinators. You are much appreciated!

New Tennis Coordinator and New Coach

Welcome to our new Tennis Coordinator Nicolle Kalivoda! Nicolle will answer any questions you have about the Wildwood Tennis program. Wildwood resident Felicitas Polsterer has taken her Level 1 Coaching certification. She will be providing Fall Lessons this year! Please sign up on the Wildwood Website/Tennis. If you have any questions, email:


Well, it’s time to say goodbye as the Wildwood Tennis Coordinator! It has been a pleasure being part of the Wildwood Community Association Board and serving Wildwood by increasing the visibility of tennis in our community! We have accomplished so many things in the past five years! We created a new Wildwood Tennis logo and put up new signs on the tennis courts. We encouraged drop-in tennis and implemented new programming. Partnering with Tennis Canada and Tennis Alberta, we started the new progressive tennis program on our courts where children learn to play tennis with smaller racquets, little nets and de-pressurized tennis balls. We obtained equipment for these lessons so children can play tennis without having to purchase the equipment. We partnered with our local elementary schools and helped them purchase equipment so that they can use tennis in their Physical Education programs. We tried to start an Adult Tennis League, but need more players! We have had a few Potluck Tennis Family Nights, where friends played and enjoyed the perks of having tennis courts so close to home. And finally, this year we were the first program to use the new online registration process through the WCA website. You can now sign up for your WCA membership, tennis key and tennis lessons online: this is progress!

There are many more things to be accomplished and I have no doubt that Nicolle and Feli will surprise Wildwood with more tennis FUN!

With this final Tennis News report… a big welcome to Nicolle and Feli and I’ll see you on the courts!

Alison Christensen

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