Welcome Back from a Busy Summer!

When my husband and I started house hunting and looking at various Calgary communities, we were divided on what we wanted. I wanted the mature trees and bungalow-style homes located in inner city neighborhoods. My husband wanted “more bang-for-his-buck” and opted for something in the suburbs. We drove around several neighborhoods, both inner city and suburban, and the only neighborhood we could both agree on was Wildwood. We decided this would be where we would purchase our first home. We waited a couple of years for a house to speak to us. Finally, in 2010 that house presented itself. After lengthy renovations and landscaping projects, we can now say our house is our home. Wildwood has everything we want from a community – great neighbors, mature trees, dog-friendly parks, hiking and biking paths, and a neighborhood with an abundance of communal pride.

Shortly after moving to Wildwood, both myself and my husband became active in the community by volunteering on the Traffic and Development committees, took on a Warbler delivery route, filled positions with the Wildwood Community Association and participated in the annual WCA cleanup.

Both the Traffic and Development committees have kept us busy with traffic-calming initiatives, the City of Calgary Affordable Housing Proposal and the Secondary Suites proposal by Councillor Woolley. Updates on the latter two are on mywildwood.ca under “New Development in Wildwood.” We encourage all residents to send their feedback regarding traffic and development concerns to traffic@mywildwood.ca and development@mywildwood.ca, respectively. The Secondary Suites proposal will be presented by Councillor Woolley to City Council in September 2014. Residents are encouraged to provide feedback to Councillor Evan Woolley regarding both development and traffic concerns in Wildwood.

Staci Rollefstad
Community Advocacy Director

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