Thank You, Wildwood

October is a month of giving thanks. So, Wildwood, thank you. I moved into Wildwood in 2001. From the start I loved this neighbourhood for its proximity to parks and easy access to downtown and the rest of the City. My wife joined me in 2008. We have since welcomed two wonderful young girls to our home of three dogs and a cat. We have been reminded time again how thankful we are to live in this amazing neighbourhood.

Stampede pancake breakfasts, Halloween and Christmas parties, planned neighbourhood cleanup, spontaneous neighbour helping neighbour during the September snow storm; we are constantly reminded how fortunate we are to live in such a family friendly and cooperative community. In Wildwood, neighbours are something more than simply people you share a fence with. Wildwood is a community in the truest sense of the word.

We appreciate walking the beautiful, quiet, treed streets and it is rare for us not to run into someone we know (probably because they can hear our one year old approaching from several blocks away). We also appreciate having a community hall that centres our neighbourhood and hardworking community volunteer groups that help keep this neighbourhood vibrant with events for kids and adults alike.

There is little doubt that over the next few years Wildwood will be faced with a number of challenges and we will be asked to accept changes. The zoning in our neighbourhood for almost exclusively single family homes will be challenged. Some will welcome the changes, seeing them as a natural evolution of our neighbourhood. Others will be more resistant and protective of what we have. No matter what side of that debate you fall on I encourage everyone in this community to be thankful for what we have now and what we will continue to enjoy about this neighbourhood.

Going forward we are confident that the neighbours and friends we have made in Wildwood will stay constant and the very best part of living in this amazing community. For that, we continue to be very thankful.

Sean Jeffers, Director at Large
Diane Jeffers, Playgroup Coordinator

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