WCA Development Committee Update

Development around Wildwood has been very busy over the summer. We have had four developmental permit applications in the last three months. The Development Committee has reviewed and responded to these applications.

Secondary Suites

The committee has met with Councillor Woolley to discuss secondary suites. According to Councillor Woolley, the existing(motion(regarding(secondary( suites(will(not(go(forward and the councillors will present a new motion at a later date. He did not provide us with any specifics on what the new motion will be, but we will continue to discuss this with him and communicate to the community any
new information.

City of Calgary Affordable Housing

The Development committee, along with a small group of concerned residents, has also been working with the City regarding the Affordable Housing development proposed for Bow Trail. Initially, the design was to include 3 – 3 story buildings, (total of 48 units) on this location. Residents had many concerns regarding the increase in traffic and parking issues, as well as the increased density this development would have. Over the summer, the City has received many comments regarding this development and they have been trying to address our concerns.

At our September board meeting, a City representative and Councillor Woolley attended to talk about a new proposal for this development. The new proposal would be to maintain 2 buildings (3 stories, 32 units) at the current proposed location (4012 Bow Trail). This would allow some space to be available for the City to tender to a commercial enterprise. This tender would go through normal City processes, and the Community would not have any input on the successful bidders. The City would then build the third building on the corner of Bow Trail and 45th Street. This building would include the remaining 16 units, still totalling 48 units in Wildwood. This was the first presentation of this proposal, so the community does have time to comment on this new design. We have been told that the plan would be to take this development application and the rezoning application to council by December

The Community Association has not yet responded to this new proposal, but would encourage you to communicate with the Development committee your feedback.

Please contact us at Development@MyWildwood.ca with any comments or concerns.

The Wildwood Citizens Coalition has been informed of The City’s proposed changes to their proposal. We will be continuing to work with the Wildwood development committee to ensure The City takes steps to address community concerns. Stay tuned to www.wildwood-wcc.com for updates.

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