Development Committee Update

Development Update for Proposal to build an Affordable Housing Complex at 4012 Bow Trail

By now, most of you have heard about this proposal. The WCA has tried to be involved, reactive and proactive in our dealings with the City regarding this proposal. We have gathered feedback through meetings, phone calls and emails. There are many different ideas that our residents have expressed about development on this and other sites within our community. While we know we are not going to be able to get agreement from 100% of our residents, we are trying to find the position that the majority of our residents can support. This has not been an easy task but I do want to assure you we are doing our best to get the best result for Wildwood.

As always, we are collecting comments through our Development committee.
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Timeline and Activities:

Since being notified of the development proposal by the OLSH to build a three unit, three story 48 unit affordable housing complex in Wildwood in May, the Development Committee has:

  • notified the Community and provided available information (Warbler/web site).
  • responded to requests for input from Councillor Evan Woolley and staff of the OLSH (builder) and Calgary Housing Company (CHC) (operator) through multiple face to face meetings and extensive correspondence.
  • Organized an Open House in June to facilitate input from members of the Community at large.
  • Worked with neighbours directly affected by the development to understand concerns.
  • Provided the City with specific input on changes required for Community acceptance.


  • The City is submitting a land use re-designation application to the Land Use Board (LUB) in early December for a development essentially unchanged from the original proposal.
  • A Development Permit application will follow where WCA and Community members will have an opportunity to comment on building design features.

City’s Intentions:

The City maintains a website for information regarding this development. You can find the site at this link: or go to the City of Calgary home page In the search box, enter Wildwood affordable housing. They have included all the information and comments that they have received.

The City plans to submit a redevelopment application in early December for the 38th Street site that contains two 16 unit residential buildings on 2/3 of that lot and 1/3 of the lot reserved for a multi story commercial building. To fulfil the City’s mandate to construct 48 residential units in Wildwood, development at the City owned 45th Street and Bow Trail site is expected next year. This application will go through the Planning department’s approval process, and then be put on the agenda at a City Council meeting. These meetings are open to the public and anyone who wants is given a chance to speak to the development.

The City will also be submitting a development Permit application which again will go through the Planning Department’s approval process. This application will be communicated to the Community Association through our Development Committee. The Community Association and any community resident will be able to respond to this development application on issues regarding building finishes, landscaping, parking, how it affects the neighbours and many other aspects of the design of the buildings.

City of Calgary Response:

The City’s Office of Land Servicing and Housing (OLSH) provided additional information in support of their affordable housing proposal to the Wildwood Community Association Board meeting held on November 17th. As part of that update, OLSH committed to submitting a land use application to redesignate the land from CCOR-1 to MC-2 in early December. 

The land use application will address type of use, density and building height. Initially, OLSH intended to submit the land use application to support the development of 48 affordable housing units at 4012 Bow Trail SW, with a height restriction of ten meters. Due to feedback from the community that commercial development on a portion of the site might be preferable, OLSH committed to a phased approach to the land-use redesignation. Phase one, which will be submitted in early December, will be for 32 units on the western two-thirds of the site. A land use application for phase two, the remaining eastern one-third of the site, will occur once OSLH determines the level of interest for commercial development and for developing the remaining 16 units at a second site, 4620 Bow Trail.

OLSH will survey the community about the possibility of commercial part of the site and development of the remaining 16 units on a second site at 4620 Bow Trail. This will be one part of the decision as OLSH must also determine the feasibility of commercial on the 4012 Bow Trail site and development on the second site, 4620 Bow Trail. For more information please visit or search: Wildwood affordable housing.

Summary of WCA Feedback to City:

  • WCA supports the development of contextual affordable housing (ie. two story complex).
  • The proposed 48 units are too dense for the 38th Street site and ignores Community context.
  • A formal traffic study is required to assess how traffic and parking congestion will frustrate and compromise the safety of existing residents and tenants in the proposed complex.
  • Site should be zoned MC-1 as the proposed MC-2 zoning is not contextual.
  • The proposal should include no commercial component as it requires use of a second site, and adds rather than reduces traffic congestion and safety issues (this item is up for discussion as outlined below).
  • Eliminate alley access by moving parking inside a fence and providing access through an internal driveway.
  • Establish designated visitor parking on south side of building along Worcester Drive.
  • Assurance of funding for future building maintenance
  • Enhance privacy for adjacent homes – mature trees; layout of suites
  • Current design too modern for neighbourhood

Going Forward:

  • The WCA will continue to oppose the development as proposed and represent the views of the WCA through submissions to Land Use Board on the land use re-designation and the Development Permit.
  • Continue to inform residents of WCA positions using the Warbler and Web site.
  • Encourage Wildwood residents to make their views known to the LUB
  • The City will be doing some kind of survey of all residents to determine the level of support for a commercial component on the 38th Street site. The City confirmed that the introduction of any commercial space at this location will trigger residential development at the City owned 45th Street and Bow Trail site to ensure 48 units are constructed in Wildwood.

Open House:

The City will be hosting an open house to talk to the Development Permit application issues only. (Parking, building finishes, landscaping, how it affects the neighbours and many other aspects of the design of the buildings).

Wednesday, December 10
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Church of the Good Shepherd
408 38th Street SW

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