WCA Board Meeting Highlights – Nov 18, 2014

  • The Mayor’s Annual Food Drive is starting next week and boxes will be at the Community Hall for your non-perishable food items.
  • Electrical outlets will be installed on the outside of the community hall in time for our Light Up Wildwood event! Thanks to Wildwood electrician Jim Pust for making this happen.
  • Attendance was high for the agenda item dealing with the Affordable Housing Development.
    ~Many of the concerns raised at previous meetings and in comments to the City were addressed, although many felt, inadequately.  In particular: traffic (both in the lane behind the proposed complex and at the intersections of 33rd, 37th and 45th), safety relating to both traffic and playground access, parking for residents and their visitors, density (48 units), maintenance of the complex, lack of commercial space and lack of overall affordable housing planning incorporating all of the Bow Trail corridor communities.
    Also raised was the entire process – how the City does not engage the community prior to getting approval to proceed, the lack of timely meetings and the continued perception that this is a fait d’accompli.  It was a lively and passionate discussion. The City proposes to go ahead (first week of December) and seek re-zoning for 2/3 of the 4012 Bow Trail property for 32 units with the additional 16 units (at 4620 Bow Trail) and a possible commercial structure at 4012 Bow Trail pending further surveying/ engagement of Wildwood residents.
    The WCA passed a motion opposing the re-zoning as proposed by the City.  The concern is that once the re-zoning is approved and the development permit stage begins, it will be impossible to have input, based on our experience in the community.

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