Wildwood Outdoor Skating Rink

Sharpen your skates – the Wildwood Outdoor Skating Rink is back! Located behind the Community Hall, this outdoor rink is maintained by the “Rink Rats” – dedicated volunteers for the Wildwood Community Association.

There is  “pleasure ice” as well as an “oval” track around the hockey rink for leisurely skating; and an enclosed rink for practising and playing hockey. There are also benches for lacing up!

Please remember the following when using the outdoor rink:

  • Stay off the ice when the Zamboni is on it
  • Use sticks, pucks and nets inside the hockey rink only (not on the pleasure ice or oval)
  • No smoking on or near the ice areas or skate room
  • No alcohol or glass containers on or near the ice or skate room

By using the Wildwood Outdoor Skating Rinks, you assume all risks and liability for your own safety.

Hockey Schedule

Family Hockey:

Weeknights 4 –8pm &
Weekends 11am –8pm

Community Hockey:

Tues & Thurs 8 –10pm

To volunteer or report any problems, please email: IceMen@WildwoodRink.com

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