Behind the Scenes

I have been involved with the Wildwood hall for the last ten years starting as a rink rat. As a rink rat there were long hours, but it was lots of fun. On one occasion, the Learn to Skate coordinator was worried about the ice so, at 3am, there I was doing the ice so it would be good for morning. The smiles on the childrens’ faces made it all worthwhile.

Cathy, my wife, also started helping out where needed. For three years we both helped with Wildwood Soccer; Cathy ran it and I coached. From there, we moved on to Learn to Skate. I am now on the WCA board and don’t have the time to flood the ice like the old days. You can, however, still see me on Sundays preparing the ice for Learn to Skate.

You may ask why do all this? We both feel the warmth and community spirit that radiates from Wildwood. We have received support and friendship from everyone we have gotten to know here. Wildwood has a real sense of community pride. It almost has a small town feel within a great city. If you have any doubt just come to the hall anytime for a game of shinny hockey or just to meet your neighbours!

Wildwood has a great group of volunteers that help do whatever is needed. We can always use more volunteers for a wide range of jobs. The rink rats can always use more help; you can help one night a week or even on the odd night when you have time. The Wildwood casino fundraiser is also coming up soon and could still use a few people to help out. If you are interested, go to for more information.

Thank you to all who have participated in events and volunteered. I know we live in the best community in the city! Together we can continue to make Wildwood a great community to live and play in.

Phil Gervais, WCA Facilities Coordinator

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