Warbling in Wildwood

Besides being the WCA Vice President, I have a couple of other fun jobs with the community: distributing the Warbler and organizing the community clean up. I want to take this opportunity to talk about what is involved in getting the Warbler to you.

Many people contribute the articles, event organizers tell us about them and the advertisers inform you about their services and help pay for printing the newsletter. All these bits and pieces go to our editor, Suzanne, and she puts it all together. Thanks to Tilly for collecting the advertisement money and to Suzanne for a job well done! The final version goes to Sure Reproductions to convert the computer file into the paper copy you now have in your hands. They print and arrange the newsletters into bundles of 50. I pick them up and turn these into new bundles, ranging from 22 to 71, for the various routes around Wildwood. The Warblers are then dropped to the 30 or so volunteers who deliver this to your door. This is a great group of people of all ages including retirees, boys and girls, who go out ten times a year to walk their route and drop it into your mailbox. Thank you to all these volunteers; you are such a vital link in the chain!

Now you have the Warbler! Please read it, have your family read it and look for ways that you can participate in keeping this Community strong, whether it’s a fun event to enjoy or a chance to help others. If you need extra copies of the Warbler for friends, copies are left at the Community Centre, at the Shaganappi library and at the Little Monday Café in Spruce Cliff. The Warbler is also placed on our website, www.mywildwood.ca.

Of course, I can’t pass up the opportunity to let you know that we have booked our annual Wildwood Clean Up for Saturday May 23rd, 2015. This is the 37th annual event in Wildwood, thanks to a long line of enthusiastic volunteers. We need people to volunteer with their trucks and people without trucks to make this a success. Please see p. 13 of the Warbler for more information and how to sign up. It is a fun day that helps us keep our neighbourhood looking clean and tidy. Come and join us!

Clive Watson, Vice President WCA

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