WCA Board Meeting Highlights – Feb 17, 2015

Steve Gallant, our Community Liaison Officer from Calgary Police attended our meeting. On statistics Wildwood is a safe community but the West LRT has provided easy access into the area. Advice: don’t put returnable bottles in blue bins (save for the Scouts); lock your cars; report all crimes; keep an eye on your neighbours; use 911 for crimes in progress, and 403-266-1234 for non-urgent reporting. See calgarypolice.ca.

We now have signs to monitor speeds on 45th Street by the school and playground zones.
Affordable housing survey showed little support for commercial development. The City will amend their proposal for rezoning back to 48 units on that site.
Secondary suites information session will be held at the Killarney Community Centre (2828 28th St. SW) on Sunday March 1st from 3pm until 6pm. (See p.8)
Open house on the Quarry Road Trail (cycle path down from Spruce Cliff past the golf course) at Wildflower Arts Centre (3363 Spruce Drive SW) Wednesday, March 11th from 5pm to 8pm.

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