Express your opinion on Secondary /Backyard Suites by May 11th or you won’t be heard.

This is one form of Backyard suite (above garage or standalone) along with Secondary Suites (in the home) that may be approved for Wildwood by City Council when it considers Land Use Bylaw changes on May 11.
These suites could be approved for all Wildwood properties unless you speak up!

The Wildwood Community Association Development Committee has reviewed the proposed changes and City Council has been provided with a letter of objection.

In summary, communities in only four Wards are being targeted for re-zoning to allow Secondary Suites and Backyard Suites. For Wildwood, and other single-family neighborhoods in these Wards, the introduction of Secondary and Backyard Suites will have a significant effect by increasing density and build-up, at the expense of privacy and community quality. The bylaw changes would turn existing Wildwood single-family properties into two-family properties, and the existing two-family properties into four families. The City proposes these sweeping changes as its solution to illegal suite safety and affordable housing shortages. The reality however, is that, the City met its affordable housing targets last year through simple administrative changes, and increased enforcement by Bylaw and the Fire Department has produced increased safety upgrades to rental properties. The City is also planning to establish a rental registry and a certification process to incent rental safety.

The Community Association recommends a continuation of these new processes. The Bylaw zoning changes are being opposed because they go far beyond safety and affordability by singling out Communities in specific Wards to be degraded by the impact of densification.

Your Community Association is only one voice. To avoid the impact of these Bylaw changes, we need YOU to be heard and counted as well.

Please send an email to your Councilor, Evan Woolley at and Mayor Nenshi at and be sure to copy it to so we can keep track. If you like, you could simply attach the Community Association letter to your email and express your support for the Association’s position.

Please act now to avoid these permanent changes to our community.

Wildwood Community Association Development Committee:
Robyn Birdsell, Kevin Phillips, Gordon Owen, Bryce Rollefstad, Quinten Beasley, Jorge Picon Couselo

  Coming Soon - Secondary Suites (83.1 KiB, 690 hits)

  WCA Secondary and Backyard Suites - April 2015 (523.0 KiB, 743 hits)

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