Community Advocacy

Home Security Threats Within Wildwood

Residents are reminded to lock their homes, garages and secure any valuable items in your yards when not at home as there have been attempts to remove items from yards and garages. Recently, two culprits were arrested and charged in several Wildwood house break-ins and possession of stolen property. The culprits entered unlocked detached garages and, in some cases, the unlocked vehicles within allowing them to remove valuables. Police were alerted to the activity by a witness and the offenders were located nearby. The police were able to recover some of the stolen property. This is not the first year this type of crime has occurred in Wildwood. Let’s continue to look out for one another and keep Wildwood safe.
Community involvement is an essential part of making Wildwood the best it can be and that includes safety and crime prevention. The City of Calgary Police has a program called “The Hub”. It alerts citizens to important situations such as criminal activity or requests for public assistance in cases such as missing persons. The Hub is also used for proactive community information such as crime prevention advice, and promotion of community events. Messages will be prepared and delivered by the Calgary Police Service through email, voice, and text messaging and can be tailored to each user based on preferences. Users can unsubscribe at any time. More information can be found at
Every community in the city has a police officer that is dedicated to helping resolve community safety and security issues. Community liaison officers, or CLOs, are the Service’s ambassadors to businesses, residents and schools throughout the city. They focus on identifying and resolving issues of concern to everyone, such as vehicles speeding on certain streets, houses that may be a target for illegal activity, potential frauds aimed at businesses and parks that are being used as overnight gathering places. If you have a security or safety concern in your community, contact your local CLO. They’ll talk with you and other community members about solutions for crime that may already be happening and about proactive measures that you can take to prevent further crime. The CLO for Wildwood is Steve Gallant and can be reached at 403-567-6200.

iSLOW Signs

New ISLOW signs have been installed on 45th Street in the Wildwood School zone. They are located heading northbound on 45th Street just before the Spruce Drive intersection and heading south on 45th Street just before the Windermere Road intersection. Please ensure to follow the speed limit of 30 km/hr in this zone and throughout our community in the other playground and school zones.

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