WCA Board Meeting Highlights – Apr 21, 2015

Our new City of Calgary Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator, Marilyn Clark attended the meeting. Marilyn will assist the Board with orientation, workshops run by the Federation of Calgary Communities, strategic planning and other community related issues. Welcome Marilyn!

How do we stop people from dumping their garbage and debris at the Community Centre? The leaf / pumpkin / Christmas Tree drop off is not cleared by the City 52 weeks of the year and yet it has become a dumping ground for some residents. Please stop!

A letter was sent to the City regarding secondary suites. The process has been frustrating and the Community has not been given the information and education we had been promised by our Councillor.

The AGM is Tuesday, April 28 at 7:30 p.m. There are a number of vacant board positions. Please consider taking one of these positions or sharing one with a fellow resident. Come to the meeting next week to meet your neighbours and learn a little more about the Community.

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