Appeal to Residents – Property Re-Zoning

The Wildwood Development Committee is charged with keeping the community informed on development issues. For several years the City has been talking about allowing secondary suites in homes across the City to allow homeowners to add a suite for a caregiver, relative or student. This wholesome scenario is not what the Planning Department has proposed in the Re-zoning Bylaw released March 26th. The Re-zoning Bylaw is complex and our Committee has been challenged to sort out the full implications against a backdrop of oversimplified City messaging that only speaks of safety and affordability. The reality is that the Bylaw contains no measures to compel increased safety or the potential for additional affordable suites.

The truth is that the Bylaw is designed to increase density. We cannot explain why Council can’t level with Calgarians on the true intent of the Bylaw or why Calgarians haven’t been asked for their ideas on how density could be accommodated in established communities. The concerns of the Community Association were expressed in a letter of opposition dated April 20th that is provided below and posted at

Since this letter was written, our understanding of the details has evolved and we can now provide a factual description of the building and residency changes that will be enabled if Re-zoning Bylaw (CPC2015-070 Bylaw 14P2015, M-2015-002) is approved.

What will the Bylaw change?

Wildwood has three property types and the uses for all three will change:

  • R-C1 Contextual One Dwelling (normal size lot)
  • R-C1L Contextual One Dwelling (large lot – escarpment)
  • R-C2 Contextual One/Two Dwelling

These are the changes proposed in the Bylaw:

  1. Wards 7, 8, 9 and 11 will be “blanket re-zoned” meaning every community in those Wards will be treated the same no matter how they are currently zoned.
  2. R-C1 and R-C1L usage changes:
    – Suite in the existing home upstairs or down.
    – Demolish existing home and build side by side “duplex”.
    – Stand-alone, separate title Backyard suite with existing or infill home.
    – Suite over garage with separate title and existing or infill home.
  3. RC-2 usage changes:
    – Two detached homes, each with an in-home, backyard or over garage suite.
  4. Side windows on Backyard and over garage suites allowed.
  5. All units can be rental, no requirement for owner to reside on property.

What is the status of the Bylaw?

Council passed the Bylaw in the First reading and will be voting on the Second and Third readings June 29. At this Council only meeting, the implications of proposed licensing amendments and new information on a possible plebiscite and transit oriented locations will also be considered.

What can Calgarians do to influence the outcome?

In the lead-up to the May 12 Public Hearing on this issue 104 Wildwood residents sent emails to Council expressing their views on the Bylaw. This response demonstrates an understanding of the implications and a desire for input.

Whether you support or oppose the Bylaw or simply believe it should not proceed so all Calgarians can be engaged in a real consultation process to bring forward new ideas to address suite safety, affordability and density, your only remaining opportunity to influence the outcome on June 29 is to send another letter or email directly to Council members.

Copy/paste these addresses into your email:;;;;;;;;;;;; diane.colley-urquhart;;;

Mail a letter to this address:

Office of the Mayor and Office of the Councilors
P.O. Box 2100 St. M
Calgary, Alberta T2P 2M5

Thank you for speaking up for your community, again.


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