WCA Board Meeting Highlights – May 19th, 2015

  • News from the AGM: We are pleased to welcome back Alan Birce as Treasurer, Kevin Phillips in our Advocacy position, Alison Laberge will continue in Volunteer coordination and Wil and Clive Watson will look after Communications.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: We still need a President, Vice President and people to step forward for Advertising, Grants, Children’s and Family Events Coordination and Hall Rentals. Please see p .9 for more information on how to help out.
  • There was another accident between a cyclist and a car at 45th Street and Spruce Drive. This is the 5th since the bike lanes were introduced in 2013. The intersection is now classed as a “safety issue” with the City.
  • Presentations on Secondary Suites were made before Council on May 12th. See pp.5-9 for more information on this important community topic.

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