Wildwood Affordable Housing Update

In March 2014, City Council approved the site at 4012 Bow Trail SW (38th St.) as a viable location for an Affordable Housing project to be built by The Office of Land Servicing and Housing (OLSH). OLSH presented information regarding the proposed project in 2014 at the May Wildwood Community Association (WCA) board meeting, a June open house, WCA board meetings in September and November and held an additional information session December 10.

Discussions with community residents raised the prospect of combining residential and commercial units at the 38th Street location. Determined to maintain the planned number of residential units at 48, the City proposed moving 16 residential units to 4620 Bow Trail SW (45th St.) to accommodate commercial space at 38th. A community survey identified an even split of support for and against including commercial development at 38th street but residents overwhelmingly rejected moving residential units to the 45th street site.

On June 18, 2015, the Calgary Planning Commission approved the OLSH land use application for 48 residential units in three buildings with no commercial component and a land use designation of MC-2 with modifiers restricting the density to 48 units and limiting building height to 10 meters (1 metre higher than a residential infill).

The WCA had requested a reduction in the number of residential units to 32 as a more contextual scale for the Community. WCA proposed MC-1 zoning to address the maximum height allowed by MC-2 but the modified height restriction for the development is comparable.
WCA also expressed concerns with issues normally addressed in a Development Permit Application related to traffic, parking and privacy. The City filed a Development Permit Application July 18 that is being reviewed concurrently with the Land Use Application. WCA has been informed that traffic impacts will not be assessed prior to approval of the Applications. While the building design incorporates some of the features requested by residents and WCA, the contextual issues of scale and density remain unchanged.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2015

A Public Hearing for City Council to consider the Calgary Planning Commission recommended land use change will take place where WCA and Wildwood residents will have an opportunity to comment on the proposed land use change.

It is important that Wildwood residents make their opinions known at this meeting. You are encouraged to attend this meeting and express your views. In addition, you are encouraged to send comments by email to the Mayor, Councillor Woolley, and the rest of Council. To email all Councillors go to http://www.calgary.ca/councillors/Pages/Contact-the-Office-of-the-Councillors.aspx. Please copy the WCA (development@mywildood.ca) on all correspondence.

For additional information regarding the Affordable Housing in Wildwood, please check the Warbler and the Wildwood Community Association website at http://mywildwood.ca/development/new-development-in-wildwood/. Additionally, the City of Calgary website will have updates at http://www.calgary.ca/CS/OLSH/Pages/Affordable-housing/Enterprise-Housing-Program/Housing-developments/Wildwood.aspx.

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