You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your neighbours!

On June 20th over 70 communities city wide came together and held such events as BBQs, clean-ups, potlucks and pancake breakfasts. Thousands of Calgarians came together to meet for the very first time or to celebrate with those long-time, close friends they call neighbours. While this Neighbour Day celebration held the third Saturday every June is meant to honour community spirit and resilience, its main purpose is to connect neighbours with one another.

Here are some tips for getting to know the new folks on your street:

  • Organize a Block Party – Many of these are already held during the summer months in Wildwood, but every street should try to hold one each year!
  • Hold a Garage Sale – Participate in Wildwood’s annual parade of garage sales by teaming up with a neighbour to share the work and the fun!
  • Coordinate a Special Group – Dog-walking group, jogging group, play-date group, book club, etc…
  • Unexpected Gifts – Making cookies?  Why not make extra and take them to your neighbours?
  • Drinks or Coffee – Invite your neighbours over for coffee or a glass of wine!
  • Provide a Small Service – Cleaning out gutters, shovelling snow or mowing the lawn for a neighbour can be a real treat!

Good neighbours are great – who doesn’t want someone who can collect the mail while you’re on holidays, or keep an extra set of keys?

In 2011, Wildwood was voted one of Calgary’s Best Neighbourhoods! It has always been known as the community where everyone seems knows each other. In the next year, be sure to find ways to connect with your neighbours and to continue building and nurturing the relationships you have already forged. Lastly, I wish to challenge all Wildwoodians to start a new tradition (if you haven’t already) by organizing a block party next summer on your street!

~Joanne Birce, WCA Director Community Events

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