Development News – Wildwood Affordable Housing Update

The Land Use Application for the City of Calgary owned and operated affordable housing development on the property at 38th Street and Worchester Drive was heard by City Council September 14th. Wildwood Community Association addressed Council with an appeal for a smaller scale development than the proposed 48 units in three separate three story buildings. WCA argued that 32 units in two, three story buildings would be a more reasonable transition from Wildwood’s low density RC-1 to the higher density of the planned developments on the Westbrook Mall block. Fewer units would have provided a better quality environment for both the new Wildwood residents living in the development and existing residents adjacent to the development.

WCA also expressed concerns with traffic congestion at 37th, 38th and 45th streets that will only be compounded by this development. Five other presentations by Wildwood residents opposed to the development as proposed provided Council with an excellent view of the impacts on our community and their concern for the safety and comfort of the future residents.
Wildwood’s efforts to have Council reconsider the density of the development were eroded by questions to the Planning Department from Councillor Woolley and Carra as to why the City wasn’t seeking higher density. In the end it was a close vote from Council that approved the application 8 to 7.

Councillors who did not support Wildwood:
Woolley, Carra, Farrell, Pincott, Demong, Keating, Magliocca, Nenshi

Councillors who supported Wildwood:
Chabot, Pootmans, Stevenson, Sutherland, Chu, Colley-Urquhart, Jones

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