WCA Board Meeting Highlights – September 15th, 2015


Bill Ptacek discussed the Calgary Public Library.

  • New initiatives:
    • Public library cards are now free. Anyone who doesn’t have a public library card is encouraged to visit a branch and get a card.
    • Meeting rooms in the library are now free with the goal to strengthen community development and connections – first come, first served.
    • Community associations are now provided with content for newsletters, and the Calgary Public Library is offering to assist community associations with forming book clubs.
    • The libraries continue to have access to computers, and free programming for kids and adults.
  • Later this month, the official start of the construction of the Calgary central library will begin.
  • The Westbrook library will have a coffee shop, and space on the first and second floors of the building. The library will hopefully be relocated by the end of 2015.


  • The sandstone was moved into a new garden space at the back, allowing for the Zamboni to be able to operate this winter. They are considering adding a bench and some native plants.


  • A motion has been approved by the Board to purchase pickleball equipment for community program use.
    AED: Discussion took place regarding the purchase of up to 2 devices for use in the WCA hall and with outdoor access from the Zamboni shed.

Affordable Housing:

  • The affordable housing land use change in designation was approved by City Council on September 14, with 3 x 16 unit buildings at the original location.

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