Wildwood Community Membership

Question: Why haven’t I received a WCA membership card?
Answer: There are no longer membership cards!

With the new online database, once your new/renewal information has been entered and funds received, you will receive an email with your membership number and the membership expiry date. If you do not have an email address, I will send you a letter (usually hand delivered on a ramble around the neighbourhood) with the same information. For registrations or events that require you to be a valid member, the program director will have a copy of the current membership list – so they can just look up your name and verify that you are a current member. If you can’t find that old email, you can always check your member status online, or send an email to membership@mywildwood.ca

Memberships for the current year (Feb 1, 2015 – Jan 31, 2016) can be purchased by going to our website (mywildwood.ca/memberships) and completing the online application and payment option (credit card or cheque), simply by clicking on the link. (This method is greatly appreciated by your WCA volunteers as it lightens their load!)

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