Pickleball Proved Popular and Fun!

In late May blue lines were added to the West tennis court and the Pickleball progam started in June on Monday evenings. Each week we welcomed new participants who came to the courts either singly, with friends, or as a family and continued to participate throughout the summer as we were having so much fun.

The story behind the odd name – Pickleball was created by a family passing the time at their summer home and the only visible inspiration when naming the game, was the house pet dog – PICKLE. The game is the fastest growing game in North America and many communities now include it in their racquet program. Seeing this, we wanted our community to be current and thought it a great fit for Wildwood.

Although the Monday program was restricted to adults this year, in 2016 we would like to encourage more family participation on a designated Family Day. Nets, ball and paddles are generously provided by our Wildwood Community Association. The Internet has a wealth of information on rules and strategy of the game.

Some of our neighbours who participated this summer have shared their views on the program as follows:
“We really enjoyed the pickleball program. More than anything, the group of people that attended were very friendly and fun. It’s an easy game to learn and can be quite exciting when 4 people are up at the net volleying at each other.” (L&B)

“…. Whether you have picked up a racquet or not, the learning curve is quick and makes for fun levels of competition even on your first day. Pickleball has now become part of our Monday routine. We have made new friends, enjoy familiar faces, experience friendly competition and even get some exercise. “ (ZB)

“. …. After being coached through the basics of the game within a short time we were having great rallies. It has been fun running around the court, hitting balls and getting to know good neighbours. One shouldn’t be fooled by that smaller playing court as pickleball can be a serious workout!” (Z&ST)

Keep your eye on the Warbler for possible indoor pickleball over the winter season. See you next summer.

~Orville & Bev Wong, Pickleball Coordinators

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