Traffic News

image2Bike Lanes

The intersection at Spruce Drive SW and 45 Street SW was recently painted with green markings. These markings were added in an effort to bring more visibility and awareness of the prescence of bike lanes. As Wildwood has seen significant cyclist-vehicle accidents at this intersection since the inception of the bike lanes, it is important that motorists and cyclists are aware of their rights and responsibilities. Motorists must yeild to cyclists when turning south onto 45 Street SW from Spruce Drive (right or left turns). Let’s keep everyone safe on the roads.

Speeding & Sign Awareness Campaign

The Traffic Committee was approached by 9 year old resident Ella Charron to discuss her concerns with speeding in the neighborhood, particularly in the playground zone on Spruce Drive. We think her idea to have neighborhood kids make colorful signs asking drivers to slow down is a great one! The Traffic Committee will plan an event where neighborhood families can get involved to help bring awareness to this important issue. Look for upcoming details in the spring of 2016 for this initiative.

School Zone Signage Change

By the end of October, all 181 school zones and their 1,800 signs will be replaced with playground markers indicating a 30 km/h speed from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week in an effort to enhance student safety. By transitioning school zones to consistent playground zones, there will no longer be any question as to when motorists are required to slow down. Playground zones are in effect every day, year-round whereas school zones were only in effect on school days.

Street Light Change

Based on an assessment of available technologies, LED (light emitting diode) lighting has been identified as the best-fit option for Calgary’s roads. Council approved a city-wide retrofit of streetlights starting in the Fall of 2015. Many streets in Wildwood have already been replaced. The incentive for this switchover was to reduce electricity consumption and provide quality lighting along the roadways.

Current Traffic Committee Initiatives

The Traffic Committee is still working towards traffic calming measures along Spruce Drive, left turning lights at both 45 Street (onto Bow Trail) and 37 St (onto Bow Trail) even though that intersection is part of Spruce Cliff. Concerns have also been raised along Windermere Road due to shortcutting to Edworthy Park. We have had many residents complain about both intersections. Additionally, the intersection at 38 Street where the affordable housing complex will be built is of concern to many residents. The Traffic Committee will be pursuing commitment from the City of Calgary to conduct a traffic study at this intersection.

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