WCA Board Meeting Highlights – October 20th, 2015

  • Joan Warke was a Wildwood resident for 40 years. She loved the neighbourhood, raised her kids and was involved in the community in her younger years. She passed away this past year and her family donated $1500 to the community. Thank you for your kind generosity!
  • There was not a good turnout for the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter safety talk but it was a great talk and very informative. A motion was passed to donate $250 towards the shelter.
  • Tennis court and parking lot lights are now fixed. The tennis courts are now well lit and it might be possible for people to play later in the day. The parking lot repaving will not be happening until next spring. Thus the tennis court repaving will also be delayed until next year.
  • Insulating of the Community Association attic will be going ahead in the coming months.
  • The AV equipment at the community hall will be upgraded in the coming months. 3 quotes of varying prices were procured. It was decided a new screen and projector attached to the roof of the large hall would most likely be needed. A system that is easy for renters to use is needed.
  • Pickleball will be adding a lockbox to the tennis courts for their equipment. Pickleball has asked to play indoors potentially on Monday and Wednesday nights after 7:30pm when the main hall is free. Pickleball is quite popular and there are many keen residents and non-residents who would like to play during the winter months. Other community halls have indoor pickleball and it is said to work well for them.
  • The community is looking into purchasing lighter folding tables and chairs for the small hall for meetings and to rent out for meetings. We are hoping they fit in the front hall closet. It would mean renters of the small hall don’t need to disturb renters of the main hall to access tables and chairs.

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